Gelatin - Unique and Versatile
Experience the versatile functionality of gelatin in everyday applications. Whether used in capsules, marshmallows, protein beverages or gummies, gelatin offers unique properties that cannot be duplicated by any other single ingredient....

Welcome to the GMIA, Gelatin Manufacturers Institute of America.  Founded in 1956, its members consist of leading gelatin manufacturers across North America.

The GMIA Mission

Our mission is to promote and foster the use of Gelatin as a high quality, safe, consistent, and healthy ingredient while remaining the foremost industry advocate in North America regarding regulatory, manufacturing and consumer concerns.

        The GMIA Mission is Accomplished Through 6 Strategic Areas

1. Promoting the standardization of systems and methods in order to assure gelatin consistency, safety and quality.

2. Encourage wider use by building a broader knowledge of gelatin uses.

3. Delivering information to consumers about the benefits of gelatin.

4. Providing a forum for the consideration of technical matters of common concern.

5. To monitor and influence regulatory developments that may affect the gelatin industry.

6. Facilitating the exchange of technical information with gelatin associations in other parts of the world.


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